Mighty Express

Mighty Express is a Canadian CGI-animated children's television series created by Keith Chapman and Spin Master Entertainment. It is produced by Spin Master Entertainment in partnership with Netflix. Animation is provided by Atomic Cartoons.[1] It was released on September 22, 2020.[2] A Christmas special, titled A Mighty Christmas was released on December 5, 2020.[3] A second season was released on February 2, 2021. A third season was released on April 13, 2021.[4] A fourth season was released on July 27, 2021. A fifth season was released on October 12, 2021. A special, titled Train Trouble was released on January 18, 2022. A sixth season was released on March 29, 2022. Unlike the previous three seasons, which had ten-minute-long episodes placed in their regular ten-minute units, the episodes from the fourth, fifth and sixth seasons however, despite being ten minutes long, were placed back to back in half-hour units with two segments each.